Lost World of Tambun – Sunway City Ipoh

The Lost World of Tambun is run by the Sunway Group and it shows the same high standards and professional look like Sunway Lagoon. The landscaping at Lost World of Tambun is beautiful but what sets it apart from other theme parks in Malaysia is its superb setting. The park sits at the foot of some those stunningly steep limestone hills which are so characteristic of the Ipoh area. With greenery all around it is easy to forget that the park is located in a suburb of busy Ipoh city.

[Lost World of Tambun]

[Jungle Wave Pool]

Lost World is mostly a water theme park and the usual attractions are such as a lazy river (Adventure River), a wave pool (not much wave though) with an extensive sandy beach, and a couple of giant water slides (the sort where you have to sit on inflatable rubber rings) called Cliff Racer and Tube Raiders. Also a pool play area for younger kids (Kids Explorabay).

[Tube Raiders]

[Kid’s Explorabay]

[Musical Body Wash]

A unique feature at Lost World of Tambun is the hot spring and there are a number of pools, jacuzzis and a steam cave where you can enjoy the health-giving benefits of natural hot mineral spring water. The water temperature in these pools exceeds 40 degrees centigrade which is rather too hot in a sweltering sunny day. It also open for evening sessions from 6pm – 10pm so will be the best time to appreciate the hot spring when the air temperature cools down a bit. Attached to the hot springs are massage facilities (Crystal Spa) where you can complete the full spa experience.

[Lost World Hot Spring]

[Amusement Park]

For those who doesn’t want to get wet, they can have fun at the amusement park like taking a ride with the Stormrider, Dragon flights, Perak Parade, Giddy Galleon.

[Adventure River]

Operating Hours:
Weekdays – 11am-6pm
Weekends – 10am-6pm
School & Public Holiday – 10am-6pm
Lost World Hot Springs & Spa (by night) – 6pm-10pm
Crystal Spa – 3pm-10pm

Official site:Lost World of Tambun.

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